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about "table" component

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Hello experts,

I want to comfirm an issue with your help.

Our ABAP developer will develop a BAPI , and we will develop an Web dynpro Java application to call the BAPI.

The result table of BAPI as follow :

Title 2


field name | standard value | value | description | field name | standard value | value | description


fieldname1 _____________ _____ __________fieldname2 _____________ _____ _________

fieldname3 _____________ _____ __________fieldname4 _____________ _____ _________

fieldname5 _____________ _____ __________fieldname6 _____________ _____ _________

fieldname7 _____________ _____ __________fieldname8 _____________ _____ _________

fieldname9 _____________ _____ __________fieldname10 _____________ _____ _________


My question is :

Does standard "table" componet can relize this table format with "binding" action ?

If not, can we develop a "table" component to relize this table format ?

Any suggesstion is welcome! Thank you.

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Louis,

It is possible to achieve the output you are expecting from the Web Dynpro.

Once you create a model and mapping it to the view controller , the values are available to bind to view Table UI element.

Under the field name column you can insert table column group, In this table column group insert Table header change the text of this header manually like field1, field2, field3..............

Then rest of the values bind to the appropriate table cells.



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Hi Krishna,

Thanks for you reply, it is helpful, and I will try it.

As you see, the table which I painted was made up of 2 small tables .And our reqirement

need to display result like this.

Do you think it is possible to relize this with standard table component ?

Best Regards,

Chen Jianguo

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