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Hi Experts,

Please Forgive me for asking very basic question

I want to know what and where they will be present. Say I am having ECC6 and EP6 then where

Active Directory, MS Active Directory, LDAP, LDAP connectors, CCMS, UME, Kerberos will be present.

Q1 AD will be within EP or ECC.

Q2 What is MS AD.

Q3 LDAP is used to store user data. Is it stored additionally in a separate database or in ECC or EP.

Q4 what CCMS, UME, Kerberos are they present in ECC or EP.

Q5 How Windows based SSO to Portal/ECC is defined. To do so what configurations settings to be done in Windows and Portal/ECC

Give some explanation of how this will be related to ECC and EP systems.


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Q1: No, there is no AD within SAP systems, it is a microsoft windows product

Q2: Microsoft [Active Directory|], product to centrally manage windows users and more

Q3: stored seperately, Active Directory comes with an LDAP

Q4: CCMS is the management/monitoring within SAP, UME is the user management in SAP (used by j2ee systems like EP), kerberos is an encrypted authentication method, used by windows products, for example AD, you can setup kerberos for a EP with spnego, check this post: [SSO with active directory|]

Q5: you can use kerberos authentication to you EP and SSO with saplogontickets from EP to the ECC

Regards, Michael

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Thanks Micheal for ur reply. I still have one more can AD be used with ECC directly. Is their any Step by step document for AD with ECC and EP.


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Hi again

Yes, you can attach a LDAP to the ECC as well, but i am pretty sure you cannot use kerberos (single sign on) directly. Just use transaction LDAP ))

See this note: 188371 - Configuring the LDAP Connector

For more information, please goto and browse for LDAP, also search the sap notes and sdn as well. There is already lots of information available there.

Best regards, Michael