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About Dimension IDs

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1. I have one doubt regarding dimension IDs .

What the dimension table contains? And also attributes, texts and hierarchies.

Suppose if i loaded the transaction data without loading master data, where should I found the SID's.

How Dim ids and SID s related for the above case.

2. When will i found SID.s amd DIM ID 's.

thanks in advance


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Transaction LISTSCHEMA will give you a complete overview of Cube design in BW server.

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Let us say that we have an infocube which contains a dimension table and this dimension table contains three infoobjects - Country, Region, City.

The dimension table will contain 4 fields. 3 of them will contain the SIDs for the values of infoobjects and the 4th one will be the DIM id. There will be one row (and one DIM id) in the dimension table for every unique combination of SIDs.

The SIDs are linked to the actual values of the infoobject in a SID master data table. This SID master data table is also linked to a text master. attribute master and hierarchy table through the SID values as key.

If you load transaction data without master data, BW will first insert the new infoobject value in the SID master data table and obtain a SID number for that value. This way it creates or gets SIDs for all the infoobjects and checks if there is such a combination in dimension table, if not, it creates a row and generates a new DIM id.

But there is a setting in the infopackage which says upload transaction data only if master data exists. If you set this and run it without loading master data, you will get an error.

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Dimension table consists of Dim Id and SID fields only.

If u include 2 masters in a dimension, then the corresponding SID fields of masters are created in dimension table(1dim,2 sid's) .

With out loading master data transaction data cannot be loaded.

If u select load data even if master data does't exists.

First the master data field from the file is inserted in the master and the corresponding transaction data is filled.