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about compression

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iam new to sapbw ijust want to know what is the master 1)data we load regularly inSD,MM Funmods.

2)What are the cubes that we can compress regularly in SD,MM,Weekly and monthly as per businedd content avaliable cubes.

3)is there any specific rules defined by SAP while loading the SD,MM datasources.from LIOS&LO's.

4)Shall we contact the basis guy before compression.

5)what kind of problems we can face in case of multiple changeruns.

6)Tell me some tipical errors we faceduring loading data fromR/3and solutions.</b>

Iwill begreatfull to you if icould getrid of all the Doubts above.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi bhadra rao,

1)your not loaded masterdata regularly that part is functonal and database administrator take care case load it only once.

2)cubes:you can compress the cube as well as partition also.based upon the client requirement and cube space/like performance wise u can compress the cube.In that time cube have 2 table data is going to F table to E table.

3)Lis and Lo's(logistics) it's new method of R/3 extraction u can extract the data from r/3 to bw in diffrent functional modules like(sd,mm,pp,crm).

4)this is also clent requirement or TL(team leader) suggest u if basis consultant require he will u upon the project.

do u want to production support or implementation errors

send mail at

if u learn something cn u give points

i think this is help to u


Suresh Goud

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your question is abousletly correct,

*Compression: *when you can compress info cube when data is load in to infocube, entire requests can be

Interested at same time.

*Each of these requests is its own request id, which is included is the fact table in the packetDimension.

*This makes it possible to pay particular attention to include requests.

when u can compress the cube it have 2 tables like F and E,data is going to F tbale to E table.then immediatly all requests move to 0(zero).

This helpful to u,if any doubts or ask more inforamtion contact at


Suresh Goud Burra

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Bhadra,

Welcome to SDN!!

Most of these questions have been discussed here often. Use the serch option and you would find lots of posts: