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ABAP2XLSX delete row

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Hello, all.

I'm trying to use ABAP2XLSX.

I want to print the content of an internal table in an excel sheet.
But the method bind_table is printint also a header, and I dont want a header of the columns.
(I've tried to modify the code of the method, but is not working fine...)

With the method SET_TABLE i have a dump, because the internal tabla has no dictionary structure...

So, in the end i'm trying to use BIND_TABLE method and then remove the header row, but I cannot find any method in class ZCL_EXCEL_WORKSHEET to delete a row.

Any tip?
Thanks in advance.

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Untested, but from memory it's something like:

data(sheet) = excel->get_active_worksheet( ).
data(row) = sheet->get_row( 1 ).
sheet->get_rows( )->remove( row ).