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ABAP-Routines in BW

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Hi All,

Where the Abap Routines are used in BW side? How many routines are there in bW?

Can any send me the Doc's on this to my mail id



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can write Routines at

1) Transfer rules level ---> Start routine , transfor rules for Mapping.

2) Update rules level ---> Start routine , Update rules for mapping.

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Can u clearly explain on difference between Start routine and other routine. We can write code in start routine and update routine then why they have given this option.

can u explain me clearly

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Shreya,

It can be used in the following areas.

Create Custom Datasources

Enhance a Datasource

Determining Data Selection in an Info Package

Complex Logic for Transfer Procedures

Transfer Routines

Update Rules

Conversion of currency or units of measure

Start Routines

Report / Report Interface

Populating Virtual key figures and Characteristics

Process Chains


To copy data from one table to other ( in case where abap program can be scheduled for transfer data to other ods )

Function Modules can be written which can be made use in Routines.

These are some of the uses which I have read.



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And also in Open Hub/Infospoke transformation using BADI.

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You can also use ABAP in :

1. Customizing the look an feel of web reports

2. You can also write BSPs on WAS if you consider WAS to be part of BW.

But then you could write even Java or webdynpros on netweaver...


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hi Shreya,

check this doc

'Five Ways to Enhance SAP BI Backend Functionality Using ABAP.pdf'

sent you one 'advanced data transformation in bw'

hope this helps.

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hi shreya,

Abap routines can be written in transfer rules as well

as in update rules.

Actually we can map infoobjects in transfer/communication structure in these ways

1. one to one mapping of info objects

2. assigning a constant

3. abap routine



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