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ABAP RAP Community, 

I m a newbie to Abap rap development.  Have a  some queries on managed / unmanaged scenerios . 

1  in managed scenerio, only create, update , delete , numbering & Save is taken care by RAP framework.  For determination/ validations, do we need to write a code on our own ??? Pls clear it . Also , for numbering  , Do we need to write code too at time? And in what scenario?? 

2 in managed scenerios , for additional save & unmanaged save , do we need to  code in their respective implementation classes ? 


pls reply with easy explanation 





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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Anil,

In a managed scenario, the RAP (Restful ABAP Programming) framework handles most of the tasks for you. This includes CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, numbering, and saving.

  • CRUD Operations: In managed RAP BOs, developers do not need to implement CRUD operations. For example, in an update operation, the RAP BO instance data to be updated is automatically read into the transactional buffer, updated there, and then saved to the database without any custom development needed.

  • Numbering: In a managed RAP BO, the key is automatically created by the framework, which only works if the key is of a certain type (16-character byte-like UUID).

However, there are some exceptions where you would need to write your own code:

  • Determinations and Validations: The behavior of a RAP BO usually requires some additional implementations, even in the context of managed RAP BOs. Those non-standard operations must be self-implemented in ABAP behavior pools.

  • Unmanaged operations must be provided by developers in an ABAP behavior implementation:
    • Additional Save: For additional save, you would need to write code in their respective implementation classes.
    • Unmanaged Save: For unmanaged save, you would need to write code in their respective implementation classes.

You can refer to this cheat sheet: ABAP for RAP: Entity Manipulation Language (ABAP EML)

Best regards,

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Thanks for your easy-to-understand explanation on managed vs unmanaged operations .
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Thanks for an easy run down on managed vis a vis unmanaged operations.