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ABAP Proxy Doesnt work in PI 7.0

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Hi All,

We have strange problem with ABAP Proxy under PI system

We are getting proxy communication error in PI 7.0 (NOT FROM Business system).

After reading a lot of threads & notes, I performed all the necessary checks, but still no luck.

--> When I click on integration builder from SPROXY T-code it popups correct XI Screen

--> Following parameters are maintained properly Server (for example, pwdf0436) Port (for example, 1080) Root (for example, rep) User Password

--> All the RFC like AI_RUNTIME_<SID>, LCRSAPRFC & SAPSLDAPI & SLD_UC etc working fine

Following reports are NOT working




Following report execute SUCCESSFULLY


Thanks in advance

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Hi Rakesh,

Has the ABAP system been configured as specified in the XI configuration guide (Section on how to configure a business system)?

This would include Integration Engine Configuration in transaction SXMB_ADM, configuration in transaction SLDAPICUST and RFC destinations in SM59.

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I could resolve it by configuring SPROXSET Table.....

Nana, I appreciate your help.