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ABAP Proxy communication mode

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Hello Experts,

I have a query regarding the ABAP proxy communication with an SAP system.

The scenario is as follows.

File -> SAP PI -> SAP ECC.

There are some data level issues (as per the proxy logic) with few messages being sent to the ECC system and hence they fail in ECC causing a block in the qRFC queues.

Now the problem is, this block is causing some valid messages from being processed which are stuck down in the queue.

Is there a way to change the qRFC mode of transport to tRFC so that each message can be executed independent to one another in the proxy ?

Any help in this regard would be helpful.



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Is the sender File Adapter set as EOIO. Please try changing it to EO.

Hope this helps.



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I don't think that would change the communication from qrfc to trfc.

However may be you can evaluate the possibility of defining auto reaction method as suggested in the SAP note 441269 - Setting up tRFC/qRFC monitoring in the alert monitor

Also have a look at the below discussion which talks about writing custom program to automatically move entries to SMQ3.

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Hello Sudhansu,

We have other proxy interfaces and messages are failing only for the above mentioned interface and this is halting message processing for other interfaces.

So with EOIO only this interface is affected and with EO other interfaces are impacted as well.