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(ABAP)Error while creating Node dynamically

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Hi All,

I have this requriement where in I need to select a tree node and then expand it till the leaf node.

I have attached my structure to a node, say ABC, which has got a recursive node, say SUB_ABC, now when I call my method and create SUB_ABC right under the root node, which will have the path 1.ABC.1, then things work out absolutely fine. But when I use the same practise for a node which is present at some other level,say level 2 and has got a path 1.ABC.1.SUB_ABC.2 this means that the node is second at this level, then I get this error message, when i use if_wd_context->path_get_element( path ).

<b>The reason for the exception is:

Lower-Level Node with Name COMPONENTCONTROLLER.1.ABC.1.SUB_ABC.2 Does

Not Exist</b>

Note: the node is in componentcontroller.

Appreciate all your help guys.

Have a nice day



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Answers (2)

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Hello Anoop,

have you checked that the apporiate node elements exist. On first glance the message sounds like there is no 2nd element in the sub_Abc.2 node.

I guess the exception is raised somewhere in cl_Wdr_Context_Node_Val. Maybe setting there a break-point can help you out. The internal tables might look confusing, but after a while you should see clearer.

Best Regards


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please can somebody help me out with this ..