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ABAP Documentation Generation, Javadoc-like

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Hello everyone,

I've got one topic to discuss that I do not find very much information about on SCN. It's about documentation. and I don't mean SAP documentation like, but the documentation about the software we (=developers) are producing by writing ABAP-code. That thing that we tend to neglect.

So is there any tool that is similar to [Javadoc|], something like a ABAP Documentation Generator? A tool that generates a code-based documentation out of the source-code comments? As far as I know, there is no such functionality in the ABAP workbench. The only community project I found was ABAP Docs, but that seems to be inactive and is not even accessibly online.

How do you document your software? Do you use external tools, anything that is integrated into the SAP system? Or is it a completely segregated solution like we use in my company (Word)? What strategies do you use to create Architecture Documentation, Technical Documentation and End User Documentation?

It seems to me that there are lots of software solutions that can create modern documentation including different formats, layout templates, guidelines etc. But I haven't found anything related to ABAP development. Maybe the best example is Wikipedias [Comparison of documentation generators|]. Just search for ABAP.

I am looking forward to read about your experiences in documenting ABAP software!

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... you might search/google for ABAPDoc. There is meanwhile a 2.* version available. It's free.

Best regards, Stefan