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ABAP Counter Routine

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Hi all,

can anyone help me with the following problem:

I want to load Data into an ODS. I have to count the documents but not the positions. (Both are key fields)


Char1 Char2(pos) Char3 (Counter)

4700_______1________1 (or x)



The Problem is, that also this example could be

Char1 Char2(pos) Char3 (Counter)

4700_______3________1 (or x)


Thank you very much for your help, best regards


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Answers (1)

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is Header always position 1? The you could do a routine for counter field.

if pos = 1.

result = 1.


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Hi Oscar,

thanks for your reply, but position is not always "1".

It could be that the first pos. is e.x. "3"

Thank you very much for your help, regards


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then in update rules you have a problem. One document can be firsts positions in one package and the next one in the following package, then you can identify two header for same document. One posible solution is this:

define static variable with doc number, then it is mainteined for all update process, along different infopackage. If current doc number is the same that your doc number stored in static variable do anything else count = 1 and update static variable.