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ABAP code to convert date and time

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Hi Experts,

Can any one provide an ABAP code to convert date and time from *090826235150.3786170 to 2009/08/26 23.51.50. Do you want to split the fields into two or can i manage in one would be helpful for me in reporting.

Please do the needful for me



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u have to declare 2 fields.

Declaration depends on how u want the fields do u want to have '/' in between . In that case u should declare 2 char fields.

date type c length 10.

time type c length 8.

else u can use standard fields sy-datum. (Eg : date type sy-datum. and time type sy-timlo )

say ur original field is Timestamp.

concatenate '20' Timestamp(2) '/' Timestamp2(2) '/' Timestamp4(2) into date.

else if u r using sydatum, concatenate '20' Timestamp+2(6) into date.

and similar code for Time as well.

Also could u elaborate on ur reqmt. If it is jus for display u can use char, else if u need to create variables / restriction go 4 sy-datum n sy-timlo.