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ABAP code for repeating of overlapping request deletion (process chain)

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Dear all,

I have an issue with process chain (I know that there is an OSS note for it but only one chain is impacted)

The chain stuck always on deletion of overlapping requests in InfoCube (Error message says that aggregations are not correct - but it is not the issue)

When I click on repeat it turns straight away green and moves further

So was thinking of writing ABAP code to repeat the step (thought of using FM module - but none match to this task)

Could you please give me some hints how to start it?

Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Might be helpful if you have ABAP back ground; there is a class "CL_RSPC_TRIGGER" with method "EXECUTE"..

You have to use the parameters have to get current process chains log ID and pass on to i_logid import parameter and set I_REPAIR parameter to know it's for repair job.

but this needs more efforts, also i won't recommend.

I would suggest to check why it's keep on us some more messages you get during overlapping request


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Dear Arun,

Thank you a lot for the hint - it is really helpful and that is what I was looking for

What actually I am thinking about is to select the unsucessful (red) step from RSPCPROCESSLOG and then run it with a copy of class which you mention..

Might be it would be easier just to find a solution for the failed step (I know that there is OSS note for it) but there is just one affected chain and as I am pretty new into ABAP - it is really good opportunity to learn some coding

Best regards,


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