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ABAP cannot run in Background

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I have created an ABAP that creates 20,000 records in a custom LIS structure.  When running the program interactively, the program processes correctly, generating the proper data. When the same program with same variant is submitted in the background, the job ends immediately and successfully but no processing is done. I cannot get a simple write statement to print.

What is happening?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Answers (3)

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You can debug the job after the job has completed too-

On on the job and enter jdbg in the command prompt and hit enter.

After some debugging, you will taken into program and you can check what happened.

Regards, Pramod

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Try coding in a never ending loop into your pgm at the begining of the processing e.g.


data: f1.


if f1 = 'X'.





Then kick the pgm off in a background job. Once the job is running go to transaction SM51, select the server, then select your job and break into debug mode (menupath program->program->debug.

This will bring you into your pgm at the never ending loop.

In the debugger you can change the value of f1 to 'X' and so exit the loop and continue processing in "background" mode. Hopefully you will be able to find the problem that way.

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If you could post your code here we may be able to help you.