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ABAP API MDM vs Standard MDM !!!

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Maybe the expression that I am using is not the best one and hope that someone can give me any clarifications.

What I am intending is to know:

1) If using ABAP API is the best way to implement MDM purposes or if he’s an alternative to implement MDM using ABAP API?

2) In the proof of concept that I am implementing, I only use the principal components of MDM (Import, Data Manager, Syndicator and Console) in order to find the solution of our enterprise business.

3) Using ABAP API, I have to use programming method, implement by myself some functionalities in ABAP to connect and resolve my MDM purposes.

4) If am not using ABAP API (The way that I am proceeding right now) , I have to use the standard software component (enterprises services ) of the R3 Systems in order to connect MDM with client systems.

Thanks guy for your assistance. We just want to know the best way to proceed with MDM .

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The best method for implementing MDM depends on the requirements of each scenario. For example, if you have a program in R/3 that needs to pull some data from MDM for analysis then perhaps using the ABAP API would be the best route to take. If you need to transfer materials or vendors from MDM to various R/3 systems, perhaps using XI would be the best route to take. I would recommend looking at the <a href="">IT Scenario Configuration Guide</a> to get a better understanding of SAP's recommended practices given different scenarios