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A question in the monitor part.

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When I sent a message in XML from the server of XI to other system in the monitor part the system show me a arrow that represent this: RECORDED FOR OUTBOUND PROCESSING.

What is the problem?

Thanks for the help.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Carlos

Is it "Scheduled for outbound processing" or "recorded for outbound processing".

I guess the message has not been processed, so the next step is to go to transaction SMQ2, and check for info as to why it is not processed.

If you see a queue status of SYSFAIL, first try resetting it to "Ready" again. If it still fails then, delete that particular LUW. And if you still have some more messages in the queue just click the unlock queue button.



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Hi Sameer,

In my case I am posting data from SAP to JDBC, when I see the status in SXMB_MONI it shows as "Scheduled for Outbound Processing" and when I go to queue staus it shows as SYSFAIL. Please tell me in what situations it appears as SYSFAIL.

Also when I delete the queue and manually restart the process I see a black Checkered flag indicating success and even I could see the data in target payload. But when I see the status of the communication channel in Adapter Monitoring, it shows "No message processed untill now". I am strange why it happens so. Please give suggestions why is it happening so..

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Hi Carlos,

the queue is stopped. Klick on the correponding link (Queue ID) to get to inbound queue. Mark the queue and press F5 (unlock). You can customize repeat of queue processing in transaction SMQR.