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A program to analyse if the dimension definition of an Infocube is correct?

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A work mate of mine has told me that there's a program in BW (he has forgotten it's name) that, once the information is loaded into an Infocube, it analyses if the InfoCube has a correct dimension definition. For example:

We have an Infocube with tho dimensions, each of them with three charecteristics

d1 --> d1c1 d1c2 d1c3

d2 --> d2c1 d2c2 d2c3

Once the information is loaded in the Infocube, we have this:

d1c1  d1c2  d1c3  d2c1  d2c2 d2c3

1           2           3

4           5           6   

                                7      8      9

                                 1      2      3

This program detects this situation and warns the user about the wrong dimension definition.

Could someone tell me the name of that program?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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the program is SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGNS.


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Answers (1)

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U can check that with the help of Tcode : DB02 where u can compare the size of the dimension table size with the size of the fact table . Not sure about the program.

Hope u got it,