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A Few Reminders [Repost]

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I originally posted this last year, but in light of the recent activity in the IDM space, I thought it would be worth it to repost. I've also done minor editing to reflect the new SAP Community....

Hello fellow IDM'ers!

As one of the moderators here, I'd like to post a couple of reminders about using this space and SCN in general.

Before posting, please take a moment to search the forum, blogs, and documents for possible solutions. Also take a moment to check out these pages. Note that sometimes a S-number is required to access parts of these links.

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (Web based help file)

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.1 Documentation

SAP Identity Management 7.2 Documentation

SAP Identity Management 8.0 Documentation

When you post a question, please try to post as much information as possible regarding your question / issue. It really helps the community answer questions quickly. Try to include things like:

Version / Service Pack / Patch Level

Database and SP

Operating System

Steps to reproduce the issue

If you're reporting an error, the Job Log is always helpful

Screenshots of your configuration. If it's possible to include an export of the job / task / VDS configuration so much the better!

We realize that it might not always be possible to do all of this, but the more you can provide, the easier it is for the community to help you!

Also please remember that the people on this forum are volunteers and IDM enthusiasts, say thank you by liking their comments and correct answers. This helps us to recognize participation and expertise. Also remember that we are not trainers! This forum is no substitute for training, although we can generally provide real world experience that will augment what you have learned in class.

A few final points.

Please remember that this forum is for SAP IDM only. If you need information on other Identity / Security related modules, take a look at the following for SSO, CUA, and the Identity Management functions in NetWeaver Administrator:

SAP Single Sign-On

SAP NetWeaver Administrator | SCN

When your question is resolved, please mark it as resolved, this lets people who search the forum in the future to know that this is something they can try when troubleshooting / researching in the future.

Share your knowledge! If you've learned something cool or solved an issue on your own, write a document or blog about it. Share the wealth!

Most of this can also be found inThe SCN Rules of Engagement This is something that everyone on SCN should revisit every few months, for the latest on how to get the most out of SCN.

Thanks a lot, and I'm looking forward to learning and helping along with the rest of you!



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*bump* (I might start doing this monthly)