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[-9211]: System error: KB Stack type illegal

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I have experienced this exception : [-9211]: System error: KB Stack type illegal

with one specific query. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I cannot exactly say when. I know that it is very general question, but maybe someone can give me a hint what can be done???. By the way i found this on the web:

and check it on the bug is still there.

The query is as following:

SELECT businessinvocation1.COMP_ID as x0_0_, count(businessinvocation1.COMP_ID) as x1_0_ FROM BUSINESS_INVOCATIONS businessinvocation1 WHERE ((businessinvocation1.COMP_ID in(SELECT DISTINCT d.ID FROM J2EE_CONFIGURATION_BEAN d, APP_SERVERS d_1, J2EE_APPS d_2, J2EE_COMPONENTS d_3, EJB_COMPONENTS d_4, CUSTOM_COMPONENTS d_5, WEB_APPS d_6, UTILITY_COMPONENTS d_7, CLASSPATH_COMPONENTS d_8, SYSTEM_LEVEL_COMPONENTS d_9, EJB_DESCRIPTORS d_10, CUSTOM_DESCRIPTORS d_11, SERVLET_DESCRIPTORS d_12, JSP_DESCRIPTORS d_13, SYSTEM_LEVEL_DESCRIPTORS d_14 WHERE d.ID=d_1.ID() AND d.ID=d_2.ID() AND d.ID=d_3.ID() AND d.ID=d_4.ID() AND d.ID=d_5.ID() AND d.ID=d_6.ID() AND d.ID=d_7.ID() AND d.ID=d_8.ID() AND d.ID=d_9.ID() AND d.ID=d_10.ID() AND d.ID=d_11.ID() AND d.ID=d_12.ID() AND d.ID=d_13.ID() AND d.ID=d_14.ID() AND (((d.J2EECOMPONENTID!=0 )and(d.J2EECOMPONENTID!=d.ID ))AND((d.J2EECOMPONENTID=? )))))) GROUP BY businessinvocation1.COMP_ID HAVING (Count(businessinvocation1.COMP_ID)>0 ) ORDER BY Count(businessinvocation1.COMP_ID)Desc



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Answers (2)

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HI Anya,

the error message can have several causes.

For a deeper analysis of this, please provide some more information:

- the exact version of your MaxDB and the parameter setup (it's all in the knldiag...)

- the DDL to create the involved tables

- the knldiag part that includes the error

Then we should be able to give you some more help than just repeating links to the documentation and the support guide...



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I upgraded it to newest version and it disapeared. Thansk

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This is an internal error,

that should not happeded.

You should contact support.

here is more information:

Likes you can see in:

the category of this error is "X", which describes in the page:

Edited by: Ilan Shani on Dec 19, 2007 11:01 PM