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403: Forbidden for the REST API POST request on Java backend on Cloud Foundry

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I have been trying to connect my Sapui5 front-end with the java back-end(springboot application) using Rest Api on cloud foundry. The post request is giving me 403: Forbidden error. The issue is because of X-Csrf-Token. I saw a lot of blogs and have tried the solutions in them but that didn't work.

It would be really helpful if someone can help me with the right way to fetch the token from back-end and process the request from the front-end with the token.

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Hi, Shivam Aggarwal

I think your project is frontend and backend separated, right?

The question is, does the java backend enable spring-boot security? This means you need to get the data with a token in your request header generated by your backend or can be recognized by your backend.

If not, try to call the backend interface with the Postman. if it works, that means the backend does not support CORS.

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