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4.3 SDK's incomplete

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Hi Christian,
Recently we started upgrading our Life Cycle Management application, PlatformManager, to support SAPBI4.3.
As you may know we offer support for unv, unx and web intelligence.
Although you're article was very helpful, we found some issues in the SDK's.
We are using a client installation of 'BI Platform 4.3 Client Tools, and updated the installation to using the installation 'BI Platform .Net SDK Redistributable setup'
The issue we found are;

  1. The COM+ SDK for Universe Design Tool is not working because the registry key for 'Designer.Application' refers to a class '{0A5A217D-CC20-42EF-BF9E-9222080DBC13}' which in its turn refers to the 32bit version of designer.exe
  2. For the x86 DSWS libraries in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win32_x86\dotnet\web services\dsws_consumer' there seems to be no x64 equivalent.

We were able to solve the 1st issue by changing the path of the 'localserver32' key in the registry to refer to the x64 version of designer.exe.
The 2nd issue however cannot be solved as the x64 libraries are missing. (4.2 contained bot x86 and x64 versions)

Is there a way to get these x64 DSWS libraries?

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards, Jan-Paul Bouwknegt

Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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Answers (2)


The 64bit Consumer dlls will get installed with the Server install (you need to select .Net SDK when installing or modify the install).
The BOE Client Tools install will only install the 32bit .NET SDK.

I cannot remember if the DSWS libraries were ever included with the .Net SDK Redist installs.


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Many thanks Dan, that worked!