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3EC_CS_1A Datasource in two Bw System

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Hi developers,

I have a system EC-CS (Sem BCS R/3 based) and I use and replicate the datasource 3EC_CS_1A in an BW System 3.1.

Is possible to use and replicate the same datasource in another system BW 7.0 in parallel ? Someone has manage a similar situation!!! There are problems of fattibility!!!! Is necessary see version patches or other!!!

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Domenico!

You shouldn't experience any problem when loading data from an EC-CS OLTP application to several BW systems (two BW systems, in your scenario). Refer to <a href="">SAP Note 775568 - Two and more BW systems against one OLTP system</a> (SMP login required).

In general, multiple BW connections to an OLTP system are supported. When requesting data with a <b>full</b> loading process, no special considerations need to be taken in account.

When a <b>delta</b> loading process is used, <i>the DataSources that use the <b>delta queue</b> function to process their deltas are <b>not</b> problematic, even if multiple BW systems send their delta initialization and delta requests in parallel. This affects most OLTP applications, for example, the logistic cockpit, HR, EC-CS, EC-PCA, CRM, SRM, utilities and so on.</i>

On the other hand, special care needs to be taken when using <i>extractors that determine the delta directly via a time stamp during the extraction (for example, CO-OM, FI-AR, FI-AP, FI-GL, CO-PA up to and including PI 2003.1, CFM, CML, generic delta using a time stamp)</i>. In this case, <b>parallel</b> delta/initialization runs might result in inconsistencies.

Refer to the aforementioned SAP Note for further information.

Hope it helps.

Cheers, <a href="">Davide</a>

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