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32&64 bit Oracle Client

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I have installed Crystal Server 2013 onto Windows Server 2012. I originally installed 32 bit Oracle client for Crystal report connectivity. This was working fine until I wanted to use Crystal 4 Enterprise which needs 64 bit drivers. After installing 64 bit client the 32 bit was rendered useless. I have tried many combinations and complete clean re-installs, but whichever one is installed last kills the other one.

One of the biggest issues is that I am unable to open the Oracle Net Manager for the client installed first.

Is there a proven way to set this up?

FYI... This is only for the connectivity of the clients and reporting tools. No audit or CMS DB is being used with Oracle.

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Answers (4)

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You can always set Oracle 64 bit path preceding the 32 bit client path (edit PATH environment variable for the same).

If this doesn't work as expected, please try and create/set ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_HOME32   environment variables with respective paths.



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I have tried the 64 and then installing the 32. I have tried it the other way around. That part that does not make sense is that whichever one I did first...I can no longer open the net manager to. This does not seem normal to me. Can anyone explain this or have any suggestions?

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It's because the first one you installed gets the first PATH entry, so when you run from the shortcut for the second product you installed it uses the wrong executables/libraries. On my system I had to install 64-bit first or nothing worked, but if it works for you either way than just go with that.

You have a couple options,

1) Run Net Manager using the one that works and copy the configuration files (sqlnet.ora, tnsnames.ora, etc.) to the second directory structure. I usually just edit the files by hand anyways.

2) Create a batch file that sets the correct path and launches the command directly (will vary depending on which one you installed first), e.g.



cd oracle64\product\12.1.0\client_1\BIN

D:\oracle64\product\12.1.0\client_1\BIN\launch.exe "D:\oracle64\product\12.1.0\client_1\network\tools" ..\network\tools\

Script wrapped after posting. Should only be 4 lines, not 5. This way allows you to run both, even at the same time (attached).

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We need to install Oracle 32 bit (win32_11gR2_client) first using RUNTIME install option, restart the server

and then

Install Oracle 64 bit (win64_11gR2_client) using CUSTOM install option - once you select this you need to select the following components

1. Oracle SQLJ

2. Oracle Database Utilities

3. Oracle Call Center (OCI)

4. Oracle Programmer

5. Oracle XML Development Kit

6. Enterprise Manager Minimum Integration

7. Oracle Net Listener

8. Oracle ODBC driver

In this way, you don't see any Oracle issues. Add TNSNAMES.ora file in both the locations



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I had a similar problem with BIP. I found I had to install the 64-bit first, then the 32-bit, and then everything worked fine. I put them in completely different paths (d:\oracle32 and d:\oracle64) to ensure no conflicts. You then need to just make sure your tnsname.ora files are in both paths, with the correct entries.

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When you say in both path, do you mean the usual place the tns file is supposed to be located? Like for me it would be \oracle\ product\12.1\client_1\network\admin

Or did you mean literally put it under \oracle32\ and \oracle64

I've just installed Crystal Report server 2013 on Windows R2, installed oracle client 64 bit then 32 bit, configured path to have 32 bit show first than 64 and had the oracle_home and oracle_home32 both configured...restarted server and I get error of "Unknown Database Connector Error"

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\oracle32\ product\12.1\client_1\network\admin\tnsnames.ora


\oracle64\ product\12.1\client_1\network\admin\tnsnames.ora

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there are some related Notes about this, but most seem to suggest that 32 followed by 64 bit should be OK, such as :

1604173 - Cannot login to BI launchpad or CMC after installing Oracle 32-bit client

1599641 - BI 4.0 Error Creating New Connection

1676487 - SBOP BI 4.0: Intermittent errors IES 10901 and WIS 10901 when creating or refreshing the Web Intelligence report against Oracle Database data provider through Web Intelligence Rich Client

It could be that you need a different middleware package that delivers both drivers in 1 pass?

Actually, this would be an Oracle support question, the Oracle forums talk of