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2LIS_11_VAITM InfoSource and DOC_CATEG = 'H'

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I would like to load ALL shipping orders to the 0SD_O01 / 0SD_O03 ods using the 2LIS_11_* infosources but I discovered that, despite all shipping orders are collected in R3, some of them are deleted in the start routine in the upate rules.

This is the code that appears in the start routine:


DATA_PACKAGE-doc_categ NE 'I'.



1.- Do you know what happen if I try to remove previous lines from the start routine? Do you know why some shipping documents are not loaded (specially, doc_categ='H' , devolutions) ?

2.- If it's possible to remove these code lines, do you know how to include these new documents into the ODSs when there's an initialization already?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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using the business content, this is only, lets say, best practise business proposal. By activating the content proposal, all objects are in a mode which is not changed by any later upgrade. So, if you are quite sure that you want to see all deliveries, delete the coding inside the start routine.

You don't have to make another initialization, because the startroutine delete the data after the PSA during the load into the ODS. So, you can reload the packages from the PSA:

Hope this helps


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Thank you for your answer. I'm sure that I want to load shipping orders related to devolutions in order to have them in the same data structure., so I'll modify the start routine.

But what I would like to know is the reason why SAP is doing this. In my opinion this is an odd behaviour if there's no other ods to load the rest of shipping documents (And I don't know any other than the 0SD_O01 family).



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Never worked on business content but here is my understading.

When you talk about the real sales refers to sales happening to 3rd party and inter comapany sales.

C is for 3rd party orders and I is for intercompany orders....therse are "SD documnet category" these two are type of sales orders which actually hit the FI-CO module from the sales point of view.

when you say H it is returns even it will not effeet the accounts of the company.

Since only these two orders have any net values associtaed with them along with qty. other documnet types will will be like FOC's etc. will have quantities but will not have any net values with them and that's why not going to effect the GL.

If you want to see all the data then always you can bring it to the cube but the users are never intrested to see the values.

In all the cases they are intrested in the orders which hit hit finance in real time.

Hope it explains.


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Hi Ajeet,

I don't know how your company runs SAP, but in my company, when goods are returned we have to create an shipping order of type 'H'.

Then, goods can be returned to the company and SAP generates a new bill. So, it has effects on the accounts of the company.

In other words, if you sell 10 units of product A but customer returns 4, I would like to see that I sold 6 units, not 10. Or better, I would like to see that I sold 10 units (type =C') but customer returned 4 (type = 'H').

Thank you

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