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2lis_11_VAITM Delta record processing

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I am using 2LIS_11_VAITM to fill an ODS which further populates a cube.

I am struggling with what date to use when I update the cube. If I use the created on date, then if there is a change to the line in the future, it posts back on the original creation date. This means history gets restated. If I use the statistics update date (generally the date of the change), it moves the entire order quantity to this date, not just the changed amount.

Consider the example:

2/1 order is created for 10 pcs, Cube shows 10 pcs on 2/1.

2/5 change order quantity to 15 pieces.

Using the created on date, 2/1 now shows 15pcs.

Using the statistics date 2/1 now shows 0 and 2/5 shows 15pcs.

What we want is 10 on 2/1 and 5 on 2/5 for a total of 15.

My ODS has keys of document number and item number, do I need something else like STORNO in the key?

Any help is appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kevin,

As far as my knowledge goes

if your ODS is having this record


and you have updated this record to cube


and later you had another record which is updated on 2/5...15 pcs

now your ODS will have only 2/5 ....15pcs becoz its having overwrite option

but when you update it to cube the ODS change log will send

2/5...+5 pcs

and in total for a Order u will have 15pcs but when you query it on date wise it will show as on 2/1 it will show 10pcs ...

becoz the ods will overwrite and cube addition and it will keep the history.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear Kevin ,

As per your requirement , You need to work with the Transaction Key's and use some ABAP Code to populate in the way you desired, but as per the standard,BW quantity need not show the changes as per the Data, it should always show the exact qty as on date in R/3 , which your infocube is satisfying if you are using Statistical update date. So if you want to look at the changes in the Infocube , I think you have to work with ABAP routines..

Hope it Helps..



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Thanks for the reply. In your example, what date is used for the update to the cube? Is it the created on date or the statistics update date? If it is the statistics update date then I have a problem. Because when I build the cube initially it will put all the requirements on the date of the last change which is incorrect.



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Hi Kevin,

What do you mean updating by statistical date or creation date.

in my example

ODS is having a Key fields as Doc number, doc item,

in my cube i have all the fields and as per my knowledge cube will treat all the chars as what exactly do u mean by updating with creation date or statistical date.



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If you want this information in correct way,get schedule line item data also into your cube '2LIS_11_VASCL'..

Hope it helps