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2LIS_08TRTLP Delta Issue with Act GI date (WADAT_IST)

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Hi All,

I'm facing an issue with '2LIS_08TRTLP' , i have used wadat_ist(Act GI date) from additional feilds of the data source.

This feild gets populated when I run an init, but does not capture in delta loads. So i decided to get this directly from LIKP.

I have enhanced this datasource first to get Del Doc and Del Item. This is two loop coding.

First loop gets Del Doc + Del Item from LIPS, fills "c_t_data" and in second loop using this "c_t_data" and Del Doc get Act GI date

from LIKP.

When I initialize the records, they are fine but during deltas 'Act GI date' does not populate.

How do i get this "Act GI date" populated with deltas.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Did you check in RSA3 whether it is getting populated in R/3 system?

If you get the desired output in RSA3 then it should be extracted to BW.

If you don't get the desired output debug your code and check what is going wrong.



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Thanks Vishnu.

Unfortuntley I dont have Debuging options in QA system. We have requested the functional consultants to create some

records for detla in DEV.

I hope I get code error rather than application error.

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There was problem in the Code. This is fixed now.


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