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2LIS_03_BX - Stock initialization at Warehouse Number level (LGNUM field)

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My situation is the following:

I would like to have Warehouse Number (LGNUM) as an additional characteristic for stock initialization.

The 2lis_03_bf (stock movements) has the organization levels like Plant (Werks), Storage Location (LGORT) and also the Warehouse Number (LGNUM). So this last field is available for stock movements analysis.

The 2lis_03_bx doesn´t has the Warehouse Number field (LGNUM) as a result for the extraction, even though the extraction structure MC03BX0 has it.

Do you know how can I achieve the goal of having the Stock overview analysis on Warehouse Number level and not only Plant and Storage Location?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best regards,

Hugo Gonçalves

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Welcome to SDN

Did you try to enhance Datasource 2lis_03_bx with LGNUM? I think it works if you do this.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Please check note 589024.

This explains that there are several situation in which you can change stock without generation material movements (and therefore 2lis_03_bf information). So you could get wrong results if you try to calculate stock for 0STOR_LOC, 0STOCKTYPE and 0BATCH.

As you can see from the note, this is a process problem from R/3, not a BW problem.

For extracting stock information on the warehouse level you will have to develop some kind of new datasource.

You can take a look at 2LIS_03_S091 but this give us only WM movements, not stock.

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Use the following code to enhance the DS 2LIS_03_BX

The 2LIS_03_BX DataSource cannot be enhanced by the standard delivery


BEGIN OF ty_s_roosfield.



END OF ty_s_roosfield.


s_roosfield TYPE ty_s_roosfield.




INTO s_roosfield

WHERE oltpsource = '2LIS_03_BX'

AND objvers = 'A'

AND field = 'LGNUM'.

IF sy-subrc <> 0.

MESSAGE s010(ad) WITH 'No entry found'.



IF s_roosfield-selection = 'A'.

s_roosfield-selection = space.

UPDATE roosfield SET selection = s_roosfield-selection

WHERE oltpsource = s_roosfield-oltpsource

AND objvers = s_roosfield-objvers

AND field = s_roosfield-field.

IF sy-subrc = 0.

MESSAGE s010(ad) WITH 'Update successfully'.



MESSAGE s010(ad) WITH 'Entry already modified'.


With rgds,

Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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Thats a pretty interesting scenario. The field i available in the extract structure but in datasource. Can someone answers this?

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The problem is that the field LGNUM is already in the MC03BX0 struture.

This specific datasource (2LIS_03_BX) should use the same struture from the logistic cockpit datasource 2LIS_03_BF).

The problem is conceptual, I think!

While in stock movements (datasource 2LIS_03_BF) it´s possible to determine the warehouse number(field LGNUM); in the stock initialization (Datasource 2LIS_03_BX), I am not sure that the stock quantity for a specific combination plant/storage location/material can be enhanced with warehouse nr (Field LGNUM) in order to say that the specific quantity is valid for plant/storage location/warehouse nr/material.

This was my initial doubt? If so, the solution would be to enhance the original datasource structure.