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2LIS_03_BX - How to Query Stock Init Values

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I have just loaded/Initialized 0IC_C03 Inventory InfoCube with 2LIS_03_BX and would like to set up a query for users to validate just the Stock Init Values. From what I can tell it looks like Stock Init Values are not available for query due to record type 1.

Is there any way around this so I can have my users report and validate the 2LIS_03_BX Stock Init Values with a BW Query? (without having loaded 2LIS_03_BF)


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi kenneth,

BX -- Data source is used for extracting an opining stock balence.

1. Do the Initialization of the stock(opining balence ) in ECC system T- Code MCNB.

2. Filling of setup tables.

3. After Initializing check the data source opening balence.

4. Run the infopackage.

5. After getting the request into cube compress the request containing the opening stock that was just uploaded.

Make sure the " No marker update " indicater is not set In Collapse tab.

After that ypur report.

All the best...........

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Please compress the request with marker update and once you are done with it then try making a query on cube.

Check if it works or not.

Hope it helps.