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2LIS_02_S013 ,2lis_02_scl

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hello friends

what is the difference between 2lis_02_s013 and 2lis_02_scl,i am new to bw i am very confuded with this . when i want to activate extractor 2lis_02_scl is avlible but i cant see 2lis_02_s013, when i check in rsa3 the data is already avalible with 2lis_02_s013 without activating anything or without filling up setup tables . why is the diffrence between this 2. if i want to delete the data in 2lis_02_s013 how that is possible how to refill the setup again . can u plz explain . thanks for repalies . points will be rewared for the contributions . thankyou


thanks alot for the replay . i have assigned points too.but i have one more doubt . when i go logistics->manging transfer IS->appliaction specific -> there when i click on purchasing . i find there diffrent setups

1. lis/setup/log

2.PURCHIS Statistical Setup

3.Setup: Copy/Delete Versions

are there any steps to follow or select the 2one and run . look forward to ypur replay

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Before you are more confused this is what they mean. Refer to the link for more information related to them.

Vendor Evaluation: 2LIS_02_S013

Purchasing Data (Schedule Line Level): 2LIS_02_SCL

Simple difference is _S013 are old information structures and _SCL are the new extractors.

These are some of the steps you have to do:

Old Method:

Logistics ->

Managing Transfer Information Structures ->

Setup of Statistical Data ->

Application-Specific Setup of Statistical Data -> Perform Setup - Purchasing

New Method:


Business Content DataSources ->

Settings for Application-Specific DataSources (PI) -> Logistics ->

Managing Extract Structures ->

Initialization ->

Filling in the Setup Table ->

Application-Specific Setup of Statistical Data -> Perform setup - Purchasing

If you still dont have any data available.

Please take a look to the OSS Note 720309.

This seems to be the root cause to most issues.

Let me know if this helped.


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