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2LIS_02_ITM Blank ROCANCEL when deleted by program

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Hi all,

Due to a company migration, we have created 300 new Purchase Orders.  These new PO substitute other 300 PO, and the old PO have been marked as deleted.  The process to mark them as deleted has been through a program. Problem is that BW extractor 2LIS_02_ITM hasn't recognized the deletion marked and old PO hasn't been marked as deleted in BW.

Has this happened to you?

I've checked all POs and everything looks fine.  If I check position history, deletion mark change appears correctly, OSS Note 578471 doesn't apply either. For reporting I've filtered directly those old POs, but I don't know why they didn't come to BW as deleted.



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Answers (4)

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Hi all,

I know how Standard delta procedures work.

The thing is that there were 349 POs deleted, and 9 of them has been deleted in BW as well. Not the other 340. I'm trying to checking if there's something in those 9, but I don't find anything.

I've done a manual deletion of one of those 340 not deleted, and even like that the extractor doesn't recognize the deletion.

The only thing I may miss is, according to OSS 578471, the "purchasing order history". Would you mind to explain which fields are included in that history and how it really works?

Thanks a lot

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Every data source having some standard delta properties, So per per delta Properties it will extract only delta which is standard So delete all the PO's as per standard process then it will reflect in BI side and you can check deleted Po's in change log  table at ROCANCEL field with old deleted Po's having D flag, which means delete records.

I hope this will clear your doubt.



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Hi Alberto,

Can you please check what value present for ROCANCEL feild for old PO and new Po in rsa3 and Bw side?

It should be R for old and blank for new.

Please check


Ganesh Bothe

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hi Alberto,

Standard extractor pulls records from source tables which are saved in standard methods.

if we done by manual or different way then sap standard data source won't pull those records.

for ex:  at RSA3 you can debug your exactor with selections on PO's.

Rather than making thru program, ask MM team to do the deletion in standard way for one PO and check it. if it pulls the PO then need to do for other 299 PO's also.