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2013 Server Key Wont Install

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I have had to recently re-install our 2013 Crystal Server package, however, the key wont validate to continue installation. I have already done the following:

Tried the steps outlined in KB1686448 and was only able to replace the IsKeyValid file to continue installation using my existing key. After install completed, I was never prompted to activate and the core services did not start for the server leaving it inoperable.

Contact SAP chat and they were able to generate me a temporary key, after installing this I was able to start the services. After starting all the services my original key when added shows an expiration date of 2016. All the documentation I have does not state that we bought a 3 year subscription but a perpetual license.

My question is, do the Crystal Server Licenses expire after 3 years?

If not what are my options?

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Hi Ronald,

A license key can have an expiration date. If you have issues with your license key, I would suggest to raise an incident with XX-SER-LIKEY-BOJ.