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2 Questions about Publishing/Bursting

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Crystal Reports 2008 SP 6.3 (Version

SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI (Version 12.1.0)

I've just started using the Publication/Burst functionality and I have two questions.

1. Is it possible to have the personalization parameter to be multi-value and if so, how would I set that up? Currently I'm getting a failed publication instance and the error just says it can't assign multiple values, even though the report itself is set up and runs properly outside the publication tool.

2. Once the Publication/Burst is successful, is there a way to see the completed documents in the history? The failed instances contain any documents that completed successfully, but then didn't get emailed out due to an smtp error. But, for the instances that are successful, it only shows the log file and not the resultant pdf or excel files.



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Related to your 2 question - No. You cannot see what is sent out, unless you select rhe option to Default destination.You can include your seld in the email list, so you can see your self.

Did not understand your 1st question? Assiging a report field to Enterprise list or dynamic recipient list.

You can assign only one report field at a time.

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RE #1: For example I have a report in which one of the parameters is for Departments. There is a many-to-many relationship between the Departments and who should receive the reports. So I have my Department parameter set up as a multi-value and the report selection criteria as

{department.department_id} in {?Departments}

Then I created the recipient_list table with the following

user_1Last, First_1user_1@mail.comDEP_A
user_1Last, First_1user_1@mail.comDEP_B
user_2Last, First_2user_2@mail.comDEP_B
user_3Last, First_3user_3@mail.comDEP_C

In this example, user_1 should receive a report with data for DEP_A and DEP_B, but I get an error that multiple values cannot be added to the parameter.e

Is there a way to make sure that user_1 gets the data for both departments? Maybe I misunderstood how to create the recipient list.

RE #2: If I select that it go to the default destination, can that be set up to be email? Seems like they would be mutually exclusive. I just find it odd that when we have individual reports scheduled to email, we can keep a history, but with publications we cannot.

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Question#1 :It looks like the version you have is 3.1 base version. We use this all the time in our environment which is 3.1 SP5.

This may have bug in your version.

Question#2 Yes, you can select multiple destinations. Unfortunatley seeing the instances applies to only schedules, but not for publications. This is by design.

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Thank you. I've raised the question here about implementing the most recent patch (SP7) for 3.1. I hope that will allow us to use the publication feature as I described above and won't cause problems elsewhere.

I'll keep you posted.