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2 Processed flags for one message id in SXMB_MONI for Inbound Proxy

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Hi Experts,

Client has raised an concern that entries got doubled for a particular file which was processed from FTP to S4 via PI(File to Proxy). I have checked the logs in PI only one entry was there for that particular file. However observed that in S4 SXMB_MONI that particular message took 3 HOURS to get processed, when i expanded that particular message i observed that there were two successfully processed flag for that messages.

It seems message got processed twice in s4, but i am unable to get any logs to support this assumption. Request you kindly help/suggest how to check logs for that particular message id. I have checked trace log but it was not useful.

Client is asking for root cause, any inputs will be highly appreciated. Please refer screenshot for same.

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Is it happening every time you process or this is one time activity. someone might have process this message twice in po. or someone might tried in s4. check the log and see who has processed those message.

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Hi Shashi,

This happened only once, from PI message was processed only once. Checking user logs for that period. Meanwhile is any other way to find logs,if message was retired?