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2 Logical Components in 1 Maintenance Project

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Dear all,

We have two system system landscapes / logical components (Dev -> Tst -> Prd) in parallel; Finance and Logistics.

Is it possible, to have them both in one Maintenance project?

And more important, to have them both available in the project logistics task list (/TMWFLOW/PROJ).

How do I arrange the parallel transporting eg. for Dev_FI -> Tst_FI and Dev_LO -> Tst_LO?

Thanks for the answers,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jan,

Yes it is possible to have both parallel landscapes in same maintenance tasklist. Just create 2 separate logical components with the appropriate system role assignment in SMSY transaction.

Now assign them in the Systems Landscapes Tab in the Project. When you create the maintenance cycle for this project it will automatically generate a tasklist with these 2 landscapes.

It will show total six systems in your tasklist. DEV1>QAS1>PRD1 and DEV2>QAS2>PRD2. Now when you assign this IBase Component in your change request, it gets linked to this maintenance cycle.

When in Normal Correction, you will get pop-up for actions like 'Logon to System' and "create transport Request' asking which Development system you want to logon to or create transport request in.

Hope this helps...


Kriti Bhalla

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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yes it is possible to cover 2 landscape in one maintenance project .



Hope it helps



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Hi Prakhar,

Thanks for the links.

They describe mainly the SMSY and how to set up the project.

Unfortunately, it is not clear to me, how the two system landscapes are integrated into the task list. Is it possible at all? Is it done automatically? Or do I need to add all systems manually?

Best Regards,


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Dear Jan,

Make sure that you've created the correct Logical Components in SMSY with the correct systems.

When creating your Maintenance Project, define both logical components in the System Landscape tab and create an IMG project in each of the DEV systems.

When creating the task list, all systems specified in your logical components will be added and all actions per system role will be assigned.

Feel free to reach out if something is still unclear.

Best regards,