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/1LT/IUC_REP_MSTR is running but there are no load jobs running.

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hi all,

I am very new at SLT.

We have set up an SLT enviornment** to extract from SAP ECC to Oracle database(non-SAP).

All connections have been in tested successfully. When I initiate a load for any table, I see the table definition getting created in the target, but it is empty. The issue is Data is not getting loaded.

I am assuming this could be because load jobs are not getting triggered. I do see the master job though, just as discussed in the thread here but there are no answers.

I will greatly appreciate if you can shed some light on issue.


** = DMIS 2011_1_731 (SP12)

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Hi Andrey,

Thank you very much for the response. I figured that the issue was with the 'Replication Option'. Someone had scheduled it for an interval of 30days instead of 'real time'.

As soon as I flipped that, it worked.

PS: Apologies for late reply.