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1 Sender multiple msgtype to 1 receiver multiple msgtype - How to do that ?

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We need to build a scenario that will take from a single sender (mainframe applications) via a single queue (JMS) multiple msg type (that has different structure)

Queue #1= msg1 (bank deposit), msg2 (transfer $ from acc 1 to acc 2), msg3 (bank reward), etc

and send it to a single receiver (SAP ECC) creating one IDOC type per msgType

msg1 will be map to IDOC_ABC

msg2 will be map to IDOC_DEF

msg3 will be map to IDOC_GHI ... etc

we do not want to use BPM

Any hints will be welcome!

Merci ! A+

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In this case, you need to use JMS Message Selector feature:

1. You will have one scenario

2. You will have One sender service

3. You will have three commnunication channel for your sender service, all three channels are configured to polling from same queue

but one can only pick up particular type of message from the queue, this can be achieved by configure Message Selector

4. Since you have single receiver service, therefore, you will have only one receiver detemination

5. You will have three interface determination, each interface determination will have corresponing interface mapping

6. You will have only one sending interface to representing msg1 / msg2 / msg2, you will make wrpper msg for this purpose.



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Hi Li,


Where can i get detail info on how to use "JMS Message Selector" ?

SAP Help (

is refering to:


Do we put there "fields" from the message type, like in a SQL Statement ?

Thank in advance


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I never worked wth JMS. But my input is, if you have once message containing all the 3 messages at your sender side, use 3 mappings which create the individual target messages. Use 3 interface mapping. Them use them in the configuration as suggested by Lee. Hopw it should work.


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i am almost done ...

I just need to have a "message selector" example for JMS ... Can i refer to the XML tag directly ?

merci !

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Hi, Team:

Have you figured this out ?

If not, just check my business card and send a message to me, then I will reply you to help you out.



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I have created for each queues (we have 5 of them) a wrapper MT i.e.: MessageFromQx, where x { 1 to 5} - in which we have as a type field the message type we got in the queue, then with the content base interface mapping i do the proper mapping.

Thank to all for your very good suggestions.