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1 delta failed and next deltas Successful-How to solve issue

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Hi Experts

Generally if any Process in PC fails in uploading records(either all or some), then automatically the PC stops.

But ive listened issues from somany people, that after a delta load failure,some deltas were successful and how to send the failed delta records after 1 week.

When this type of problems occur and how to solve them?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am not sure if it happens.

Once your delta fails next load will fail saying that last delta is incorrect and needs to be repeated.

Normally the chain stops and we manually trigger the repeat delta load.

Only possibiilty I can think of is some one accidently deleting a request without forcing it to green.

In ODS this may create an issue later when you try to activate the subsequent deltas.

It may fail with message "Request has not or not correctly been updated; Please edit."

You can try retrieving if it is in PSA, else Full repair is an option.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Arjun,

If your ODS is further updating a Cube and if you have the data in the PSA for the said ODS.

just delete this request from ODS. Once you do this all the later requests witll de qssigned qnd id qnd will be qvqilqble for reporting. Then updqte your cube. In this way at least the reporting will not be penqlised for other requests.

Once you have done this, update the ODS request which had deleted above again from the PSA. Now you will have to solve the problem that is there (usually it should be a data inconsistency problem) I don't know much about this problem. SO can't consult you on this.

Once you have solved the above issue, all the requests till date will be available for reporting. You can then update your cube and hence up to date data will be available for client reporting.

Assing points if this is helpful.



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this may the case with ods the previous delta failure will not allow activation with new delta.

in case of cube ,hope identify the failed request and correct the error messege and load it from PSA after doing editing in PSA.

in case of ods, have delete all the above delta requests and do correct the failed request then load all the other requests after loading the corrected failed request.