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0PROG_POS_TEXT uses ATTR customer exit!

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This is a strange one!

I created an enhancement for 0PROG_POS_TEXT in CMOD, customer exit EXIT_SAPLRSAP_003 (which is the customer exit for texts?), but when I debug 0PROG_POS_TEXT in RSA3 it calls up EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 (which is for attributes)!

An idea why and how to fix it?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Rudolph,

as of bw 2.0b, attributes and texts use exit_saplrsap_002

hope this helps.

Note 413539 - TextDataSource enhancement with exit_saprsap_002 as of BW20B


You can use the SAP enhancement RSAP0001 to enhance the DataSources of the SAP Business Information Warehouse. This enhancement includes the following components for transferring data into a BW with a release level as of 2.0B:

Transaction data: exit_saplrsap_001

Attributes, texts: exit_saplrsap_002

Hierarchies: exit_saplrsap_004.

For transferring data into a BW 1.2B, you still use the following enhancement components for InfoSources:

Transaction data: exit_saplrsap_001

Attributes: exit_saplrsap_002

Texts: exit_saplrsap_003

Hierarchies: exit_saplrsap_004.

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