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0kb Backup logfiles

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Hello experts,

we face the following problem: sometimes logbackups are cancelled due to network problems (MaxDB 64Bit on Windows):

Error in backup task occured, Error code 3700 "hostfile error"

1,Open file \\<my-backup-share>\LOG.130 failed, CreateFile(WRITE,CREATE) returned

the specified network name is no longer available.' (64)

This error occurs only from time to time and it seems that this is a network problem. The next time when the log backup is scheduled (15 mins later) it works and the next logfile is much more bigger than the standard logfile size (so we are sure that all open logs are written in this file). But anytime this problem occurs we face the problem, that MaxDB writes log backup files with 0kb (empty files). As we tried to make a restore test, we saw that the restore cancels because MaxDB studio expects files with a size bigger then 0kb.

Has somebody else seen this problem and maybe knows a solution how to deal with this? We want to make sure that we will be able to restore the database completely in case of a system crash.

Thank you in advance & kind regards, Basti

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Basti,

Check whether the user defined to start MaxDB Services(database, database e service and xserver) has proper authorizations over the network share. By default these services are started using the Local SYSTEM account which seems to not have change permissions in network shares.

Also, check your network infrastructure and NAS(maybe event viewer can give you more info).

Meanwhile, to not break your backup cycle, it would be a good idea change the LOG backup template to generate the LOG backups in a local drive and schedule a user script to copy the LOG backup files to the network share meanwhile you verify this.

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Hello Thiago,

thank you very much for your answer. We will start to write the log backups locally and try to copy them with an os script.

Kind regards, Bastian

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