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0ic_c03 installing from business content

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     I need to do it from scratch how to implement inventory 0ic_c03 in BI 7.0 and how many ways we can implement this? Can we install the BF,BX,UM as standard or custom transformations.Whether we can follow 3.x dataflow (i.e. update rules and transfer rules) or transformations. What are the Precautions need to be taken while doing in ECC side.How to define the process keys?Whether we can load directly to Cube or DSO is required .If i keep DSO as a staging layer what will happen? and if i dont keep DSO what will be the impact on the cube?

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Hi Ram,


Cube 0IC_C03 is for the Inventory Management.

Inventory Management has always been a critical process in Business Intelligence. The data load process in Inventory data sources is different from other scenarios. If we miss even one step during loading, we may get wrong entries. Even after following the steps perfectly, we may sometimes find anomalies in the data loaded.

7.X is recomended for the installation.

Data Load Steps:-

Step 2: Delete Historical Data.

Step 3: Shutdown ECC.

Step 4: Stock Initialization.

Step 5: Fill Setup Tables.

Step 6: Pull Data for 2LIS_03_BX.

Step 7: Pull Data for 2LIS_03_BF.

Step 8: Pull Data for 2LIS_03_UM.

Step 9: Job scheduling to fill delta queue.

Step 10: Delta Scheduling

Each and every step is explained nicely, so please read below document.

You can follow the document in the following link :-

Please feel free to ask me if you have any doubts.

I hope information will help you. so please provide me points if you found it useful.



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Hi Snehal,

The link provided is not working. Could you please provide some alternate link.


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Hi Ram,

It depends on whether is this a New Installation or you are adding to Existing Running system.

If you want to know the standard flow from DataSource all the way to the InfoCube 0IC_C03.

Go to RSA1 > Metadata Repository Tab > Under Business Content > Click on Local objects, Then Click on InfoCube, then Search for the 0IC_C03, and Click on "Network display of the data flow"

Assuming if its New (As in this Cube or the flow is not being used previously). Do the following:-

You need to activate and do Setup table for the 3 Extractor from ECC first:-




Then In BW > Go To RSA1 > DataSource > Replicate related InfoArea/App Component (DataSource)

Install BI Content, its pretty straight forward.

Just go to T-code: RSA1 > Tab: BI Content > Search for InfoCube 0IC_C03.

And then on your upper Right side, Click on "Grouping" button and set > In Data Flow Before.

You will see the whole flow is collected, just tick on the InfoCube and the necessary object will then collected automatically. Then Click on transport.

Double check before you transport, especially if there are object previously installed.

You can create Custom Transformation provided you know which Data Field from Source linked to which InfoObject in Target.

And also, I would say its recommended to use Transformation (7.X) rather than (3.X) Transfer Rules or Update Rules.

Keep in mind that if you want to use Transformation, you first need to Migrate the DataSource from 3.X to 7.

Refer to The link below for More info On the 0IC_C03:-

and how to Install BI Content:-