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0HR_PT_2 , Time and Labor Delta load

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I am having trouble with the Delta loads in for the HR Time and Labor cube (0PT_C01).

If anyone has some information about Time and Labor delta loads, please let us know.

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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We have a problem with this delta load too. We have done that I explain you above:

Option A

1st.We have done a full update selecting values for 0CALMONTH (012007-

122007)--> Correct

2nd.We have done the delta initialization (012007-12-2999) without data

transfer -->Correct

3rd.We have change some values in 2001 infotype for an employee for

this month

4th.We have done the delta load -->THE BW SYSTEM DOES NOT LOAD DATA!!!


We have done the same (deleting delta qeue previously) but using as

selection parameter the 0EMPLOYEE.

1st.We have done a full update selecting value for 0EMPLOYEE (5-5)-->


2nd.We have done the delta initialization (5-5)without data transfer --


3rd.We have change some values in 2001 infotype for the employee 5 for

this month

4th.We have done the delta load -->THE BW SYSTEM DOES NOT LOAD DATA!

In both cases the delta qeue has been generated in the RSA7 transaction

Option C

I have try to do the Initialization with data trasnfer selecting first

0CALMONTH values and after 0EMPLOYEE values and THE SYSTEM LOAD NO


In this case there is not created the delta qeue in RSA7

We can't check the delta extraction in R/3 system because the data

source doesn't let me select this option.

I hope your answer.

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hey carolina,

i have the same problem as you with the fuxxxx BW...

Do you have in the meantime a solution for the problem which you describe?

Please let me know wheter you found a way to resolve this problem...



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Hi Marian,

We have solve the problem as I explain above:

First --> Complete the entries you will find in SBIW (R/3) Tcode :

Data Transfer to the SAP Business Information Warehouse >Settings for Application-Specific DataSources (PI)>Human Resources>Actual Employee Times OHR_PT_02>Define Reporting Time Types -->Maintain Reporting Time Types

and create "Reporting Time Types" for "TypesAttendances/Absences Assignment"

Second --> We did the initialitation with data transfer for an interval of time, for example from 012007 to 122007 (0CALMONTH)

When you do the initialization with data transfer the system generates the entry in PA0439 (subtype 0002) wich is the reference for the delta

I hope this help you

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hi carolina,

i try to realize your steps and give you feedback how it works...

Thx for your answer!

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We have isolated this issue to InfoType0439. Our BW team has implemented several notes to resolve this issue without success. Notes that have been implemented are:

670751 This corrected issue with new hires not being extracted.

761115 This fixed issue with employee's not being removed from delta que when initializing the delta process.

890650 this is a program correction for when CATS or txn PTMW is used to enter time into the R3 system.

1069838 This corrected incorrect IT0439 for new hires.

We do not create our IT0439 records manually or with third-party tools. However, when looking at SE19 in source system at PTDW_CREATE_0439 I see that it is inactive. Should this be set to active?

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Hi Kurt

Have you managed to resolve this issue? I have tried activating the PTDW_CREATE_0439 BADI, but it still does not seem to work.

Did you need to write any additional code for it?



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We are currently still working to resolve this issue. I will post again when it has been resolved.

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We have resolved this issue with the activation of the BADI: PTDW_CREATE_0439.

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I am currently facing the same issue now but with 0HR_PT_3, did you resolve this? If so, how?



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We are also facing the performance issue while loading 0HR_PT_3.Did you manage to resolve the same or get some idea on how to load.


Tarun Brijwani.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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sorry posted to wrong forum

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Kurt Harding

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Could you detail the versions and Delta issue you are experiencing? Thank you,

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Current Situation:

Created Time and Labor yearly cubes for each year.

Cubes 1999 - 2001 are full loads.

Cubes 2002 to 2005 are initialization loads. I need delta for these years.

Since I had issues running one InfoPackage per year, I created three Selective inits per year. Every 4 months we get around 2.5 million records on an average.

The delta took a long time to run and got hung. I also did not see any change records, even though we created many changes running the Time Eval programs.

When I looked in the OSS notes they suggested to maintain V_T569R table with the Earliest and the Latest data carry over time.

I entered a wide range of years in here for our full and initialization loads. SAP recommends using a very small range like current year and maintain this table periodically.

Can you give me some statistical load times that you have experienced with Delta loads.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards, Gargi

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hi Gargi,

we are having the same issue for the 0hr_pt_2 data source. when run delta it did not extract all the reords. please advise if you resolve your problem



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Hello Qandeel,

We opened a OSS note and were informed that the Delta process for Time and Labor compares the actual data in the tables with all the records that were sent to BW (It writes all the records sent to BW in a table called "PTDW_TIMES_D". Hence takes longer then a full load.

If you plan on using the Delta load SAP recommends using a very small time interval.

**************Excerpt from the SAP OSS message

Please also understand, that the delta process itself is not expected to use less runtime than a regular load. It has to build up the same data like a full load, but then compares this against the last data image, so after all it might take more runtime than a full load, depending on the situation.

The benefit of the delta is, it transfers less data and it automatically determines the time frame where changes have occured for a specific employee (within the overall timeframe in T569R)

Please reduce the time frame in the table T569R to have ~6 months of data.


Best Regards, Gargi

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Hello all,

We loaded 2003-2004 data and initialized in 5/2005 with 1/1/2005-12/31/2015 dates. We have been running deltas ever since. We discovered that there are some missed records which were entered via CATS in our r/3 backend system. SAP has issued 890650. I am currently testing an additional change to this note.

In addition PTDW_CREATE_0439 had to be activated in r/3 to pick up new hires. I had not been aware of this.

My dilemma now is that to clean up my data I have to empty the cube and reload it. However, since we need any changes that are made back to 1/1/2003, what is the most efficient way to set up the loads. Full loads with selection criteria for 2003, 2004 and 2005 and then do an initialization run without data transfer back to 1/1/2003?

Efficiency is important because this data is in production in our MSS portal and I only have one weekend to complete the entire process.

Kind Regards,

Ann Bohn

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Hello all,

We are experiencing issues with our delta loads as well. We have opened an OSS with SAP for this as well.

Note 670751 (Time management extractors and new employees) has been implemented into our system, but we still drop out some new employees and some old employees.

SAP has also recomended another note that has a direct conflict with this one. Note 1069838 (InfoType 0439 not correct for new employees).

We are currently exploring PTDW_CREATE_0439. So far, this is what we know about it:

1. Personnel numbers of newly hired employees must be within an interval that has been specified for the last delta initialization.

2. You need to provide employee numbers to this BAdI.

3. You need to specify which subtype that you need created 0001 for HR_PT_1, 0002 for HR_PT_2, and 0003 for HR_PT_3.

As soon as we know more, I will post to this thread. Hope some of this information was of help.

Regards, Kurt Harding