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0FI_GL_10 enhancement issue

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Hi Everyone,

Good Afternoon.

I want to enhance the Data source '0FI_GL_10'. After activating the append structure, gone to change data source to remove the 'hide' check box. Surprisingly I could NOT see the fields I added to the structure???


1. Transcation code: RSA6

2. Placed the cursor on the data source and click the 'Enhance Extraction Structure'

3. Choose the default Append Structure name and hit enter.

4. Assigned the required fields and activated.

5. Again in RSA6, clicked change icon to remove the 'hide' check box for the fields.

6. I could not see the fields in the list.

I did enhancement long back to some other data sources.

Appreciate if one could suggest any steps I missed.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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Go to table ROOSFIELD. Check if the fields have status A. If yes, write a small program to unhide the fields. i.e to change status from A to X.

Similar queries raised in the forum before. Do have a look.



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Hi Prakesh,

Thanks for your response.

I did enhanced the Structure and can see the appended fields in the main structure, but not able to see the fields in RSA6 change/display data source to unhide.

Even I could not find the fields in the ROOSFIELD table for this data source.

Appreciate your help.


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did u add ur fields with zz....

what fields did u add and what is the component type. ???



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Hi BWer,

Thank you for your response.

Adding fields with ZZ.... is not mandatory but it gives only warning.

If the data base table the extractor programs reads has the field you want to enhance then go for the same name as is in table, so that we need not to write any code. the extractor pulls the data. Coz the programs normally use the 'Include Strucutre' ref for the internal tables. Otherwise also we can go either with ZZ... or still with table field name. Here we need to write the code to pull the additional field values:)

Coming back to my issue... We have ECC5.0 and ERP 2005 systems. I am getting the above issue in ERP2005 and when I enhanced the Structure in ECC5, no problem...meaning I am able to see the DataSource fields and I can uncheck the hide fields...

I go with OSS message and update on this post. Mean time appreciate if any one has suggestions.