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0FI_ACDOCA_10: Carryforward figures have RCLNT(client) blank in some 0FI_ACDOCA_10 extracted records

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Recently we did year end carryforward transaction which create carryforward figures in FISCYEARPER = 000.2024 in ACDOCA; such transactions have period = 000. In SAP table, the records have RCLNT (client) field populated which is correct. However, when we extract to the destination (we are using Databricks Lakehouse) using 0FI_ACDOCA_10 data source, some of the records of 000.2024 have missing RCLNT value, but there are some with RCLNT value.

A few questions (if anyone can answer any of the questions, good to post and enlighten me; no need to have answers to all)

1. How do I check what is extracted from SAP (within SAP itself) because it was early May that this was encountered but in ODQMON I no longer see the extraction record (likely it has been cleaned up)?

2. Is there a way I can simulate what was being extracted. I tried RSA3 but the display of records don't show RCLNT field

3. Anyone encountered the same problem and managed to resolve? Can please enlighten?

4. Is there a way I can retrigger the same records out and see what is being extracted without affecting the existing delta records extractions?

Thanks alot!



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Product and Topic Expert
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I have no experience with 0FI_ACDOCA_10 specifically, but:

  1. The data of ODQMON is cleaned up usually within 24-48 hours after it has been successfully extracted and updated. It depends on what parameters have been set when the cleanup job was scheduled. If the load was a full load, you can just run the DTP again to see what is extracted now.
    If the load was a delta, it can be simulated, but only if it's still there in ODQMON. This can be done with the program RODPS_REPL_DELTAUNITS_READ (3330675)
  2. If you are using ODP, it makes less sense to use RSA3, as that is for the old SAPI interface. To simulate extraction for ODP use the program RODPS_REPL_TEST.
  3. N/A
  4. It should be possible to use a full load with specific filters to get the same set of data. Also check:
    1773830 - Records missing or mismatch in BW
    3019431 0FI_ACDOCA_10 delta extraction: Field 'RCLNT' not filled correctly for cFIN postings
    2894050 Missing data after delta extraction for datasources 1_CO_PA*, 0FI_GL_*, 0CO_OM* due to delays of the update task (2)