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0FC_OP_01 extractor issues- DFFKKOPBW data not matching with

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Hi All

We have an issue with the extractor 0FC_OP_01. Our business is comparing the values in

R/3 report u2013 G/L Account Balance Display (t-code S_ALR_87012277) with the

Open Items by GL Account report in BW .(actually these values in the BW report are coming from DFKKOPBW table in R/3) .

But since august, the R/3 G/L account balance report is not matching with the DFKKOPBW table balances. So bottom line the extractor 0FC_OP_01 is doing something wrong when populating the DFKKOPBW table which is causing these two reports to be out of balance

Did anybody face this kind of issue before? Please Advise.

FYI : We are following the same procedure to populate the DFKKOPBW table as in the below article.



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Since R/3 and BW report data is not matching, take couple of G/L Accounts into consideration and try to compare R/3 report (G/L Account Balance Display (t-code S_ALR_87012277)) with the PSA / Infocube data for a same G/L Accounts.. If PSA/cube data NOT matching with R/3 reports (for those G/L Accounts), then u should look into extractor...

If Cube data (for those G/L Accounts), matching with r/3 report, then u should look at filters (company code etc) that are using in BI... Another possibility at report level is, if that reports uses any hierarchy (G/L Account, FSV etc) and you filter unassigned nodes, then some data gets filtered.