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Hi Experts,

This is regarding fiscal week 200653 not plausible error in Backlog Data Targets which we created in BW.

Problem :

As all the week fields reference 0CALWEEK by definition and 200653 cannot be a Calendar week, though

it can be a fiscal week. For this is the reason the system is not accepting this value and we had been modifying the

date field value to load the data into the Backlog ODS.

Potential/Possible Permanent Solutions : Which we tried.

1. To fix the Conv Routine (PERI6) to accept the value specified above, which means a SAP Code Change.

(we tried to find if there is any User Exit available in this Conv Routine, Unfortunately there is none)

2. This was a thought to modify the Conv Routine field for all these custom Week Objects, unfortunately

the system do not let you change this.

Temporary Fix/Solution which we done.

The ZFISDATE attributes table entry which maintains the Week Information as 200653 to be changed as 200652. This change

is done temporarily, so that the Backlog data load does not fail for the timebeing.

This could affect all the week field InfoObjects (which refers to 0CALWEEK) and are used in many applications/areas in the SD.

Appreciate any new ideas or solutions to fix this issue.

Thanks a Million in Advance,

xys redd.

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as you said yourself, you need FISCAL week. The correct InfoObject therefore is 0FISCPER and 0FISCPER3. Simply define a fiscal year variant that contains the number of weeks/periods that you require (53 for 2006 in your case).



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