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0CALMONTH - Attributes (really useful)

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0CALMONTH now has some really useful attributes.

These include:

0NUMDAY - Number of Days

0NUMWDAY - Number of Workdays.

These are particulary useful for the creation of formula variables filled by replacement path based on the selected attribute, however I have a problem.

When I display both attributes in my report the Number of Days displays for the relevant 0CALMONTH, however the Number of Workdays displays as 0.

I have looked at the master data table /BI0/PCALMONTH for the relevant month and neither of the attributes is populated for any of the characteristic values.

I manaully entered a value for Number of Workdays iattribute n the master data table however this still does not display in the report.

MY questions:

If there are no values in the master data table where does the attribute value come from, to display in the report?

How do I get my manually entered attribute for number of work days to display in my report? There is no option to activate the master data.........for 0CALMONTH?

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OK I,ve just noted that it uses the master data read class CL_RSMD_RS_0CALMONTH