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0acttype and 0cca_c11 and dataorigin

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I am using a copy of 0cca_c11 and I see the char 0accttype. Can someone tell me what dimension this would logically go in? Not all that familiar with cca data. I have the following dimension tables:

cost center

cost element

value type/version


currency type


3 standard time, packet and unit

What has others experience been with 0acttype and what dim to put in above or create a new one?

Also, anyone familiar with 0dataorigin? I searched on this website, but didnt find 1 hit???



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Hi Colleen,

0ACCT_TYPE is used in 0FIAP_C03, 0FIAR_C03 and 0ORA_C01 cubes.

It's either a separate char in a dimension for a (G/L) account or an attribute of 0ORA_ACCNT.

It is not used in the std 0CCA_C11 cube.

The 'Origin' dimension contains both a G/L account and a chart of accounts chars. And from the first sight, it makes sense to place 0ACCT_TYPE in there. But, as you can see, it would be more logical to have either a separate dimension for Account (AND FOR 0ACCT_TYPE) or to make 0ACCT_TYPE an attribute of the Account.

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