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0 actions have been selected t.c. CRMC_ACTION_JOB SLA actios

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Hi everyone!

We have configured the SLA for service desk.

When im launching CRMC_ACTION_JOB

with parameters:

Application = CRM_ORDER


Promotion Status = 0

Time of Processing = processing using selection report

Report messages me = "0 actions have been selected".

Can anyone say where and what i need to check out?

Regards Sindy.

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Hi Sindry,

from your thread,I couldnt get what you exactly looking for?

For SLA Checks please follow the blog [SLA configuration hints|] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];



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[Advanced Quick Guide for VARs Service Desk (Jan 2010) |]

page 46 says:

When you manually execute the report( RSPPFPROCESS ), you get the results list.

there supose to be an actions of SERVICE_ORDER_ITEM_SLA action profile.

But im only see " 0 actions have been selected"