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Product and Topic Expert
How users can help optimize SAP's product UX and development by participating in our new SAP User Research Panel

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User feedback lies at the heart of experiences that people love. That’s why we are strengthening our approach and want to make you part of the co-creation journey of every product.​ How? Do you use SAP products in your daily work? Do you wish that you could tell someone how to make the products you use every day even better?

Now you can! We are thrilled to announce the SAP User Research Panel. It will connect you directly to the people who create the products you use to do your job. Your feedback will help influence existing and future products and you can see new features exclusively before they release.

Your voice matters! Join the SAP User Research Panel

Registration is non-binding and participation is easy: Join here via User Interviews!

Opt-in form of the SAP User Research Panel. ALT text: Opt-in form for the SAP User Research Panel including a short welcoming, what to expect, and how to get started with the registration process. The blue SAP logo is shown on top of the form.

How to participate and make a difference

  1. Register
    Get started by filling out our registration form. Your information will be processed and saved via User Interviews, for details see our privacy statement. The information you provide allows us to align you with our research projects.

  2. We invite, you decide.
    Once your information gets matched with a research project, you will get invited via email to participate. There is no obligation to participate if contacted. We are running studies throughout the year, so you might have several opportunities to get involved.

  3. Participate and be heard.
    All studies take place remotely. Remember: We will test our products and designs, not you, and we appreciate your honest feedback. All participation is voluntary, and you can stop at any time.

Join now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified to participate?
Our inclusive approach welcomes all expert levels and backgrounds. Whether you are a novice or an experienced SAP product user, if you use assistive technology, or have a disability, we want to hear your honest feedback. Our goal is to design SAP products that work for everyone.

Since all our research is remote, you will be able to participate from anywhere and from the comfort of your own office or home.

Is my data secure?
SAP is committed to data protection and privacy. We process your personal data collected in the User Interviews database in accordance with this privacy statement.

What's in for me?
Your feedback is essential to improve the SAP products you use every day. How? By taking part in user research, your insights into what you like and what you do not like will go directly to our product teams. In some research studies you may get to see new designs or test new features and functionalities exclusively, before we release them to the public.

What kind of research will you do?
Possible formats are one-on-one interviews, surveys, and usability tests.

How long is a session?
Some research activities, such as surveys, can be completed in your own time. Usability testing sessions typically range from 30 minutes to one hour. We will always provide full information ahead of time.

Is SAP conducting any research other than remote testing?
SAP product teams occasionally conduct live feedback sessions during events like SAP TechEd and onsite with our customers and partners.

Have a look at SAP’s Customer Involvement for further opportunities to help shape SAP software and technologies.

How can I unregister from the program?
You can unregister from our panel at any time by sending an email to get all your profile information deleted.

Our researchers, developers, and designers are looking forward to collaborating with you and are happy to answer your questions in the comment section!

This article originally appeared on our Design at SAP website.